Dressing Your Table: Cloth or No Cloth?


To use a tablecloth or not to use a tablecloth? That is the question (today). I grew up in an apartment with an enormous glass table that remained uncovered at all times – until company arrived, at which point a tablecloth was flung over it and several layers of plates, bowls glasses and flatware dressed it up. A quick internet search tells me that’s the case for most people. But, how does one decide to cover a table or leave it exposed? And if you do cover it, how low do you go?

In most cases, it depends on the state of the table: A long tablecloth instantly improves a less-than-perfect table and adds a note of elegance for a special event, like a dinner party. Exceptional tabletops require no dressing at all. But sometimes you might want the softness of a tablecloth without completely obscuring interesting legs. In that case, go for a short one!

I can go both ways; I love a great tablecloth for the color and texture it brings to a tablescape, but I can certainly appreciate a stunning table that deserves to be seen at all times. Take a look and see what you think:

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