A Rug Can Make a Room — but What Kind to Choose?

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Rugs offer one of the easiest ways to add color, warmth and texture to a space. Choose wisely, however, because a rug also has the power to completely change the look and feel of a room. What’s more, what your rug is made of will determine where it’s best used. Three U.K. flooring experts help us sort through the options.
Flat-weave rugs. Flat-weave has a robust, durable construction and subtly woven texture that provides a stylish alternative to pile carpet. Flat-weave creates a style of flooring that was popular in Britain before the rise of pile carpets in the early 19th century,Oates says. Most rugs and runners were once made this way.

Unlike pile carpet, which has an even, uniform feel, like a perfectly manicured bowling green, flat-weave has a texture that lends a unique character and personality to a floor. The disadvantage of flat-weave is that animals such as cats can catch their claws in its woven texture.


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